The simple answer is yes but in order to do so you will need to do lots of research beforehand. Starting a day care business from home requires you to fulfil many obligations. This blog will provide an overview of some of the key considerations.

Home Day Care Business

However despite the hard work required many childminders have successful home based businesses. It is a thriving and growing service, which many parents value. It can be both immensely rewarding whilst still giving you the flexibility to be able to work from your home.

First Steps

Here are some of the first steps you will need to satisfy before proceeding with your home based child care business:

  1. Physical health – how healthy are you? Are you physically able to take on the demands of being a childminder? You will be required to lift children, pushchairs, toys, be on your feet for a considerable amount of time. It is a demanding job so you must ensure you are fit and well enough to do it.
  2. Demand – Is there an actual need for a childminder in your local area? It is all well and good to start a day care business from a home but if the reality is nobody in your area needs this service then your business won’t be sustainable. Make sure you do your due diligence first and check out the likely demand for this service.
  3. Rented House – If you currently rent your house and you are seeking to operate a childminding business from it then you must ensure that you have the permission from your landlord to do so. If this is not possible then I am afraid you won’t be able to start a day care business from home. But there is always the option to do so at a future date if you decide to buy your own house or move to rented accommodation where the landlord is happy for you to run a day care business from.
  4. Is Your Property Compatible? – Even if you own your own property or have your landlord’s permission to start a day care business from home, the property might not be suitable to operate a childminding business from. You might not have enough space or there could be an element of the property that is considered dangerous for children to be in. This will mean you having to make some alterations, which might require you to obtain planning permission.
  5. Family Buy-In – Okay so you have the motivation to start a day care business from home. All of the requirements you need to fulfil have been satisfied but does your family support you in your new venture? This might seem like a rhetorical question but it is not unusual for your own family to not want to have a day care business being run from the home that they also live in. Always be up front and honest about your plans to start a day care business from home with your family. Get their input and ensure that if there are any concerns raised you address them rather than blindly continuing with your day care business and not factoring in how others around you are feeling. This will reduce a lot of pain in the long run.
  6. Number of Children You Can Register To Care For – This is a really important piece of information that could totally change your mind about whether it is the right thing for you to start a day care business from home. You may have children of your own and if you do then this will change the dynamics of how many children you can legally care for. Always be clear on the number of children and the age of the children you can care for. To find out this information visit
  7. Family Checks – Entering into a childcare business brings with it lots of responsibility and the Safeguarding of Children is of paramount importance. You must provide a safe, caring, fun and child centric environment that puts the health and wellbeing of children first. Part of providing this environment is to ensure that the children in your care are not put at risk. Therefore you will need to find out from your family, partner etc if they have any past issues that should be declared before applying to start a day care business from home. As difficult as this subject might be to approach with them you will be glad that did and will be reassured you have absolutely done the right thing.

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Registration Process

Now that you have completed the first steps and have satisfied all of the requirements you will be in a position to begin the registration process. There are a number of criteria you must complete in order to operate as an Ofsted approved childminder.

To cover the main steps you will need to be aware of to start a day care business from home here is a summary:

  1. Book onto an introductory course on childminding. This can be done through your local Early Years Team.
  2. Research whether any start up grants or funding is available in your local area. Refer to your local Early Years Team.
  3. Apply to Ofsted. Tel – 0300 123 1231
  4. Pay Ofsted a Registration Fee.
  5. Apply for DBS checks.
  6. Apply for a Medical Check. Your local GP and Ofsted will advise.
  7. Attend a 12 hours Paediatric First Aid Course.
  8. Complete a Health Declaration Booklet. Done through Ofsted.
  9. Make your home as child friendly and safe as possible.
  10. Arrange a visit by Ofsted to check your home and suitability before completing the registration process.

In addition to the requirements discussed in this article you will also need to ensure that you follow compliant employment law precesses and procedures should you decide to employ any staff. It is a mandatory requirement to issue all staff with a fully compliant employment contract. To learn more about our employment contract service please click here.

I hope this article has been of help and provides you with all of the necessary information you require when embarking on starting a day care business from your home.

I would be delighted to receive any feedback you might have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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