The hassle free way to be HR Compliant in your nursery. The complete HR Solution for children’s nurseries and preschools.

The Ultimate HR Toolkit to protect your Nursery and Preschool

  • Without hassle, fuss or stress.
  • 100% legally compliant within 30 days guaranteed.
  • Providing complete employment law protection and peace of mind in one bundle.

Who Is This Product For?

If you have just set up a children's nursery or are thinking of doing so then you will need to have the required Employment and HR documents in place to ensure you are legally compliant. Even if you are an established nursery or preschool you may be thinking about updating your HR documents as they are no longer current. Just thinking about this can cause many Nursery owners to break out into a cold sweat. But it doesn't have to be stressful, time consuming or cripple your finances. In fact when it comes to managing employees having a few core HR and employment documents in place is all you need. This will make your life simpler and keep your nursery on the right path. The last thing you need when starting out on your journey of setting up a children's nursery is the worry of not knowing what HR and employment documents you need. Or where to get them from.

The Nursery HR People offer a stress free, cost effective and fully compliant solution to your problem: 'The Ultimate HR Toolkit for Children's Nurseries and Preschools' You will not have the worry or have the burden of managing your HR and employment documents on your own.


When you invest in The Ultimate HR Toolkit for Children's Nurseries and Preschools' you will benefit from the following:

  1. Control. You are in control of any given situation involving your employees at all times.
  2. Reassurance. There will be 100% reassurance on your part that you are referring to and using credible and legally compliant HR documents.
  3. Confidence. No more situations escalating out of hand. This means no more emergency last minute calls to people like us!
  4. Peace of Mind. The risk of employees' making claims against your business because of how you have handled their employment will be significantly reduced.
  5. Comfort. Your employees' will feel better knowing they can refer to compliant and correct processes should they need to. Ensuring they are being managed fairly and consistently.
  6. Security. Stress levels will be reduced due to having the proper and compliant processes to hand and being safe in the knowledge that everyone is being treated fairly.
  7. Clarity. There will be no ambiguity about how a process should be followed. Just clear, concise and effective documents, guiding you through all employment scenarios.
  8. Recognition. OFSTED will love the fact you have got your HR housekeeping in good order and it will help you towards achieving or maintaining that outstanding accreditation.
  9. Credibility. Parents will be confident and secure in the knowledge that they are placing their children in safe hands. Knowing that you are following and maintaining robust and compliant HR processes. This will improve your credibility and marketing potential.

Don't Be A Victim

We hear frequently about nursery managers who are using out of date HR policies to guide them through employment issues. This is not a good tactic to deploy and could lead to negative outcomes for you including unfair dismissal claims. Don't become a victim of the system because you don't have the correct paperwork to hand. It is usually the case that nursery managers or owners wait until an employee issue occurs in their setting and then refer to the legal framework to guide them. It is at this point they realise they have got an out of date policy and procedure (or none at all) and very little time to remedy it. This is when we get desperate calls from people needing us to get them out of a hole quickly. It is really not a situation you should find yourself in, but the great news is that it is totally avoidable. All that is required is to have the core HR and employment documents in place to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are handling matters properly.

The Law Changes Constantly

You will inevitably be aware that regardless of how much you think you are on top of legal changes they are a constant! Legal changes keep coming. That’s a fact of life. Employment Law is a continuously evolving beast. Legal changes happen every year. You are expected to be aware of the changes and make sure you are implementing them in your nursery. You really have to be prepared, and ready to make these changes regardless of your workload or other pressing commitments. You are literally being squeezed. Compliance with employment law is essential. You cannot ignore it. But it is another task to add to your ever growing to-do list. Failure to comply could have severe financial consequences for you and your business. Don’t become a victim! We understand this is all a bit heavy, and might seem like doom and gloom, but don’t worry. We are not sharing this with you to be pessimistic, we are sharing it with you to give you peace of mind. Some simple steps taken now will ensure you are prioritising your Employment Law obligations and in turn protecting your nursery business. The good news is it shouldn't be painful or expensive!

The Solution You Have Been Waiting For

Let us get rid of that HR burden for you by offering you the pain-free HR solution to meet your needs. When you purchase 'The Ultimate HR Toolkit for Children's Nurseries and Preschools' you will receive the following:

  • A fully compliant Employment Contract Template for you to issue to employees.
  • 8 personalised and fully compliant HR Policies for you to share with your employees and to start using within your nursery. These include Absence, Disciplinary, Grievance, Safeguarding, Performance, Recruitment, Maternity and Data Protection.
  • All policies meet GDPR requirements.
  • An Employee Handbook / Code of Conduct Policy tailor-written for you to distribute to employees.
  • A HR Compliance checklist, which shows the documents you have in place that you can share with parents, OFSTED, any other regulators or relevant parties to demonstrate the high standards you are adhering to.
  • A certificate of HR Compliance that you can display in your nursery.


Included within 'The Ultimate HR Toolkit for Children's Nurseries and Preschools' package you will also receive a voucher. This entitles you to a free review of your HR documents. You can redeem this voucher at any time in the future. When the time is right and you know your HR documents could do with a refresh then simply redeem your voucher. We charge our clients £350 for a HR documents review, but it is included for FREE with your package. Not only do we remove the hassle, but we remove the expense too!


The investment for you to be fully employment law compliant and reduce your HR burden is just £495 + VAT. This one off investment will probably be the best money you have ever spent. And don't forget you also receive your £350 free bonus too!

30 Day HR Compliance Guarantee

When you purchase ‘The Ultimate HR Toolkit for Children’s Nurseries and Preschools’ we will guarantee to have you fully HR compliant and legally ready for all employment requirements within 30 days. We are so confident that if we fail to deliver this 30 day fully HR compliant promise we will give you a 100% refund.

So there really is no time to delay. Get your ‘Ultimate HR Toolkit for Nurseries and Preschools’ today!

Employment Contract

Fully compliant Employment Contract to issue to employees

8 HR Policies

8 core HR Policies for you to share and start using in your nursery

Code of Conduct Policy

A personalised and tailor-written Code Of Conduct Policy for your employees

HR Compliance Checklist

An HR Compliance Checklist and Certificate confirming you have met your legal responsibilities

Here is what nursery owners have to say about the product


   "I am very pleased with the HR documents I have received from The Nursery HR People. Your support and guidance has been essential and very reassuring for me as a new start up company / business. I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do. Thank you".

- Joanna Leake, Rainbow House Childcare


 "I am really pleased with your service. It has been really helpful to me whilst I am in the process of setting up my new nursery".

- Diane Whelan


"The service we have received from The Nursery HR People to get us up and running and HR compliant has been outstanding".

- Zoe Evans, Zoe Evans Childcare

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