Discover a complete 25 step blueprint on setting up a children's nursery

The insider information on what is required when setting up a children's nursery

This simple and easy-to-read guide will take you through the journey of what is involved when you embark on setting up a children's nursery or childcare setting.

  • Save time and learn what is required when setting up a Children's Nursery
  • A proven system that will take you through each step
  • An easy to follow and implementable checklist which will track your progress
  • Jargon free advice that is guaranteed to keep you compliant and focussed
  • Covers all of the core requirements including HR, legal, insurance, building regulations, planning permission and finance
  • This guide is a PDF digital document (it is not a book). It will be emailed to you instantly so there is no delay in getting the information you need quickly! It helps out the environment too!
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In this Guide You Will Benefit From...

  • Instant Access

    Instant access to all the information in one place you need for setting up a childcare provision.

  • Saving Time

    Reduce your time significantly by having a step by step guide which will take you through the entire process

  • A Comprehensive Checklist

    A complete checklist to ensure you are keeping on track and following your progress

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Guide

This guide has taken a huge amount of leg work out for anyone looking to set up their own childcare setting.

Joanne Cathrall Surrey County Council

I love the fact there is a checklist included which helps keep you on track with your project. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about setting up a children’s nursery .

Jean Palfreman Thorley Preschool

There are so many useful tips and articles in this guide. It makes things much easier as you are signposted to the right place.

Anne Marie Turner Super Childcare

This guide is both user friendly and practical. It takes you through a logical step by step process to help guide you through the many requirements of setting up a children’s nursery.

Joan Weingaertner Little Angels
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