Nothing is more important than the children in your nursery. This is something we all agree on. Getting the right HR advice is one way to ensure you are protecting the children in your nursery.


Relevant and compliant HR Advice is VITAL to ensure the following:-

  • The right PEOPLE are employed
  • The right TRAINING is provided
  • The right PREVENTATIVE ACTION is taken (if required)

Your EMPLOYEES look after the CHILDREN in your nursery therefore they need to be the RIGHT employees to ensure that the children are nurtured and are most importantly SAFE.

The risks of getting it wrong are MASSIVE and could ultimately cost you your BUSINESS. Getting it wrong could result in:-

  • Tribunal Claim – TIME and MONEY
  • Bad Press – People love a good drama – don’t let that drama be you
  • Bad Ofsted review – This will affect numbers and your reputation
  • A Child safeguarding issue

Sourcing excellent HR advice can be difficult, where do you start? Every setting will have differing needs but here are a few key points to consider:-

  • CIPD qualified – THE CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is a professional body that ensures that your HR provider has the relevant qualifications, skills and experience
  • Ethics – Honesty and trust are essential for a great working relationship, are your core values compatible?
  • Experience – how experienced is the HR Provider in your sector. Do they have a solid grounding in your sector and in dealing with a comprehensive range of HR matters?
  • Services – what are you looking for? Do you want a telephone advisory service that will advise you of the legal stand point or do you want a provider that understands your business, your people and what you are trying to achieve?
  • Fees – do you want a subscription service or to pay on an adhoc basis when you need advice?
  • Is a HR Audit/health-check/MOT offered? This is a great way for you to meet a potential provider and see how they work first hand

The Nursery HR People is a fast growing HR consultancy that offers cost effective bespoke HR advice to the Early Years Sector.  We offer practical, no nonsense HR advice and support that is easy for you to implement (or we can do it for you).

Contact us now for a free HR Audit and see what you need to do to be outstanding in delivering your HR activities. But be quick if you want to take advantage of the free HR Audit as we have limited spaces available.

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