At the Nursery HR People we recognise that there are a large number of HR companies who are offering their expertise to be brought to your door.  So why should you use the Nursery HR People?

What makes the Nursery HR People different? What are the benefits of using The Nursery HR People in your Nursery?

Firstly and as the name suggests we specialise in providing HR services exclusively for the Children’s nursery and Early Years sector, which means you are guaranteed to get HR support designed purely for your industry.

Humble BeginningsThe Nursery HR People

The Nursery HR people was founded by a group of working mums (mumtrepreneurs!) who have and are using different nurseries to care for our own children.

Recognising the outstanding work nurseries have provided for our children, we wanted to give something back.

We saw the burden of administration and realised paperwork was a real life issue for nurseries.  With a range of different business skills between us we saw a way in which we could help.  And so blossomed the Nursery HR People.

Our aim is simple Less HR More Learning.  In other words, we endeavour to allow your nursery to focus on the children above the administration. Of course without neglecting your legal responsibilities.

So the above tells you the why, but what are the benefits of using the Nursery HR People’s solution?

How The Nursery HR People’s Software Works?

Traditionally HR can be very paperwork heavy, time consuming and a resource intensive area of the business.  To combat this, at the Nursery HR people we have spent many a long day (and occasionally a long night too!) taking the paper heavy HR elements and moving them online.

We have then arranged this information into 3 distinct packages offering your nursery the flexibility to move between them and only paying for the HR elements you require.

When you sign up to a package you will receive your own personal dashboard where you can store your nursery and staff details, in complete confidence that this will be held securely and safely in the cloud. From this area you can manage your own account online, according to the needs of your personal Nursery.

The Different Packages and Benefits

Our Standard package revolves around the employment contract which now exists 100% online.  Through simply and quickly entering some basic details, our intuitive software will use this information combined with information held in your dashboard area, to automatically generate you a legally binding, tailored employment contract which can then be e-mailed to an employee.

With state of the art technology this contract can be signed and returned electronically and stored online completely paper free.  We will even send you an alert to inform you when the contract has been signed so you will be fully updated on the progress status.

Within this package we also give you two sample policy documents, however if it you are requiring policies and procedure documents in your nursery then our Premium package may be more suited to your requirements.

Our Premium package offers you all of the above but in addition provides you with access to over 30 HR legally compliant Policy and Procedure documents which meet Ofsted regulations.  You will no longer need to worry about any legislation changes.  We ensure all of our Policies and Procedures are kept fully updated 365 days per year and furthermore, an automatic update will be sent to you with a revised policy for any changes that are made.

We understand that in an ideal world the above packages would be enough to support you with your HR requirements.  We also understand that when it comes to managing staff, you can find yourself dealing with more complicated and difficult situations.  To assist you with this we offer our Premium Support package.

This package will provide you with all that has been mentioned so far, but in addition offers you a dedicated HR support service via e-mail and telephone with a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.  Our team is headed up by fully accredited CIPD HR professionals so you can rest assured that all of our information and advice is both current, fully compliant and tailored to the Children’s Nursery and Early Years Sector.


Another important aspect of what the Nursery HR people offer is the flexibility in our service.  We do not tie you into a lengthy contract and equally we offer full flexibility to transfer either way between our packages at any time should your requirements change.

We understand that a new start up independent nursery may have differing requirements to a multi site chain of nurseries and accordingly we believe that our pricing policy should reflect this.  We offer a scaled pricing policy depending upon the number of employees in your setting, starting from less than £30 per month inclusive of VAT.

Should you wish to ‘try before you buy’ we offer a no obligation free trial which will allow you to use the system and see how it can transform HR within your setting.  You really have nothing to lose but we hope that you will see you have a lot to gain!


As much as we are a HR provider, we also see ourselves as a time management company who can give you back valuable hours to spend less time on HR activities and more on learning in your nursery setting.

All of the packages, including the free trial can be accessed via our website:

Pay us a visit today and let us assist you in taking the first steps in reducing your paperwork burden. This is our way of saying thank you for the wonderful work that you do, and on behalf of parents everywhere we salute you.

If you have any feedback regarding this article then I would be delighted to hear from you.

Fiona Tyson

Operations Director

The Nursery HR People

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