This week our focus will be on the recent news that the government is going to be reviewing the current Ofsted fees that Nursery Settings and Child-minders currently pay to remain on the Early Years and Childcare Registers.

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This will be unwelcome news for settings but something that can be managed with some pre-planning and foresight. It is a fact that if an increase in fees is approved there isn’t much you can do about it other than review budgets, assess where cost savings and efficiencies can be made and increase revenues.

One area where real cost savings and efficiencies could be made is in your management of employment documents such as employment contracts, Human Resources policies and procedures and reducing the amount spent on HR fees. It is an area of real importance to your setting and must always be compliant and meet the requirements under Ofsted but there are alternative ways of accessing great HR support.

One of them is to move to an online provider which will enable you to generate employment contracts and obtain electronic signatures from employees as well as storing employee documents in a secure cloud based private portal area that can only be accessed with your own personal log-in details.

For more information on how you can use such a system please contact us and see how your HR processes can be made much simpler.