The-Good-work-plan[1]The 6th April 2020 will see the introduction of the Good Work Plan legislation, this is a result of the Taylor review  which was undertaken to support the government’s commitment to ensure the UK labour market remains successful and competitive, especially now the UK has left the EU.

There will be a number of employment law changes coming as part of the Good Work Plan legislation that will affect business owners. The key changes included within the Good Work Plan are:

  1. Day 1 Right – workers and employees will have the right to receive a basic written employment contract from day 1 of their employment (this was previously 2 months), the penalty for failure to do this is up to £20,000
  2. Change of average week’s pay calculation – The calculation period for an ‘average week’s pay’ has changed from 12 weeks to 52 weeks
  3. Agency worker rights – After 12 weeks service all agency workers will have the right to receive the same pay and basic employment terms as comparable employees within your setting.

One key area to focus on as part the Good Work Plan legislation is employment contracts. There are a few changes which could have a financial impact, in terms of tribunal awards, should they not meet the newly revised criteria.

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The mandatory additional information that needs to be included in contracts of employment from 6th April 2020 includes:

  1. The length of the contract should be stipulated if it is a temporary or fixed term contract. If the contract is fixed term it should include the end date of the contract.
  2. The amount of notice required by the employer and worker/employee
  3. Terms of absence including details of eligibility for sick leave and pay
  4. Details of any other paid leave (i.e maternity, paternity pay)
  5. The duration and conditions of any probationary period
  6. All remuneration (this will include vouchers)
  7. Specific days and times of work – it is advised that there is a reference made to when employees’ will be issued with a work schedule should they have an irregular working pattern
  8. Any mandatory training provided by the employer and additional training which will be provided at the employers cost.
  9. Any work conditions outside of the UK (duration of more than one month) should this be applicable
  10. Certain pension information (this can be provided up to two months after the start date)

The changes will only apply to workers commencing on 6th April 2020 or after this date.  Existing employees have a right to request this information and should a request be received this information needs to be supplied within one month.

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Purchase the ‘Good Work Plan Compliance Package’ and receive a £50 discount.

Quote Offer Code: GWP01

Phone: 01509 833121



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